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August 25, 2017 – Can You Be a Creative Person?

Main Idea: Are you a creative person?  What about your team?  When did you last introduce a new product or service in your business?  Do you follow along with your industry?  Or, do you occasionally lead your industry?  When was the last time you tried something and failed? Expansion of the Idea: For those of [...]

July 28, 2017 – Is Your Culture Important?

Main Idea: When growing up did you play well with others?  Were you able to play with someone else in the 3×3 sandbox?  Do people work together well at your business?  Have you ever walked into your business and people were fighting with each other?  Or worse, what happens when there is a silent sabotage [...]

June 9, 2017 – What Can I Control?

Main Idea: How likely is it that you will hit your long-term goals for the business?  What are the levers that you can adjust?  How often do you adjust them?  What is the impact when you do adjust a critical piece? Expansion of the Idea: Over the last few months I have had a number [...]

April 7, 2017 – Can You Grow by Focusing Inward?

Main Idea: How would you describe your plans to grow your business?  Is it a wing and a prayer?  Do you have a specific strategy that you know is critical and you must stay focused on?  Is it working? Expansion of the Idea: A few years ago, my son Kevin suggested that I would like [...]

March 24, 2017 – What Are Your Blindspots?

Main Idea: How many surprises do you get every day?  Are any of them big ones?  Do you ever feel as if you were lied to or betrayed?  Do you know what you don’t know?  Have you ever had a day when you went to work thinking everything was good and you were hit with [...]

March 10, 2017 – Does Your Business Have Momentum?

Main Idea: Is momentum something that just happens?  Do you know how to create and maintain it?  What happens when you lose it? Expansion of the Idea: Last week I wrote about your business being properly powered.  One part of that was on the subject of momentum.  I thought it made sense to expand on [...]

March 3, 2017 – Is Your Business Properly Powered?

Main Idea: What keeps you going when you hit rough patches?  Do you know what energizes you?  Are you intentional about getting around people that energize you? Expansion of the Idea: My wife and I had an opportunity this week to go to Huntington Beach to attend a Leaders Gathering in connection with the Global [...]

November 22, 2016 – The Path to Joy

Main Idea: Do you think about what you are thankful about?  Are you happy or depressed about the state of our country?  Even when you are having a bad day or bad period in your life, can you look into the situation and find something you are thankful for?  What happens when you start thinking [...]

November 17, 2016 – Have You Lost Your Way?

Main Idea: Do you have a specific purpose for being in business?  Does your team know that purpose?  Is there anything driving your business besides just making money?  Is everything about you or about your customers or team members? Expansion of the Idea: Most of us are incredibly glad that the elections are over.  It [...]

November 4, 2016 – Do You Have a Culture of Improvement?

Main Idea: Do good ideas die in your business?  Have you ever had a good idea that no one will listen to?  Have you ever rejected a team member’s idea and then a year later you realized that would have fixed a lot of problems? Expansion of the Idea: In the last week, I had [...]

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