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June 22, 2018 – Will You Survive?

Main Idea: Are you a planner or a reactor?  Do you do business in multiple states?  Do you know who your competitors are?  Do you know who the disruptors are in your business?  Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it?  Are you sure of the answers to any [...]

June 15, 2018 – Are You Focused On the Long-Term?

Main Idea: How do you evaluate the health of your business?  Is it determined by your cash flow or profitability?  Is it growing or declining?  How do you measure your investments in your business, including new people, services and divisions? Expansion of the Idea: I recently finished reading a book called “Go Long, Why Long-Term [...]

June 8, 2018 – What is the Cost of Your Core Values?

Main Idea: Does your company have core values?  Are the real core values the same as the stated core values?  Does your team know the company core values?  Do you know what the real core values are?  What happens when they are tested?  Which core values win? Expansion of the Idea: In the Tuesday morning [...]

April 20, 2018 – Are You Proactive?

Main Idea: How quickly does the pace of life hit you?  Do you have enough time to get everything done that you are supposed to do?  Do you enjoy the daily list of surprises that show up at your office or email? Expansion of the Idea: Small business owners frequently complain about the demands on [...]

March 16, 2018 – Do You Know Where You Want to Go?

Main Idea: Are you prepared for the year?  Is your team ready?  Do you have the skills necessary to win?  Do you have the balance and endurance to make it?  Do you have a good cash flow plan? Expansion of the Idea: This weekend is one of the most exciting weekends of the year for [...]

March 9, 2018 – How Is Your Energy Level?

Main Idea: Do you get tired?  Does every day seem like “Groundhog Day” where you are continuously doing the same thing and not achieving any results?  When you get behind at work, do you put your head down and work harder?  When was the last time you took two days off to work on your [...]

February 16, 2018 – Do You Have Courage?

Main Idea: Are you a courageous person?  Do you test the limits?  Do you agonize over decisions because you are afraid to make the wrong one?  Do you put off having difficult conversations because you are afraid of the outcome? Expansion of the Idea: Last weekend, my wife and I went to see “The Post”.  [...]

January 5, 2018 – Is Your Team Aligned with Your Business?

Main Idea: What is the toughest job of the leader?  What do you think is the most common complaint I hear from small business owners?  (No, it isn’t about taxes.)  How do we get our whole team moving in the same direction? Expansion of the Idea: It is interesting to read about the New England [...]

December 8, 2017 – What is Important to Me?

Main Idea: Do you have a lot of demands on your time, especially at this time of year?  Are you caught up in the Christmas season?  Or has Amazon made it too simple?  Have you done your year end planning?  Do you have goals and budgets set for next year? Expansion of the Idea: December [...]

December 1, 2017 – Should You Be a Servant Leader?

Main Idea: Are you going crazy yet?  What about your team?  Do you have a bunch of items to get done before year end?  Have you started your Christmas shopping?  Do you have 50 different priorities depending on the time of the day? Expansion of the Idea: The holidays are upon us.  There is a [...]

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