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February 25, 2010 Floating Through Life

Main Idea What do you floating on a raft down the Mississippi River, and you sitting at your desk at work have in common? Expansion of Idea The answer is that for most of us, we are going to go where the current takes us. In other words, we are going to take the path [...]

February 17, 2010 Focus

Main Idea Do you struggle with little errors in your business? Do you have a strong desire to do things perfectly? How do you balance your desire for perfection with the fact that, as humans, we do make mistakes? Expansion of Idea There was a study of mountain climbing fatalities on Mount Everest from 1921 [...]

February 10, 2010 Coach or Be Coached

Main Idea How focused are you on developing your team members? How focused are you on developing yourself? Is this something that doesn’t get done because you are not sure what to do? Do you struggle with coaching? Do you struggle with accepting other’s ideas and direction? Expansion of Idea I have been reading a [...]

February 3, 2010 Full Tilt Forward

Main Idea Do you play to win? Or do you play to not lose? Do you go full tilt forward or do you go slowly forward and are very careful about failing? Expansion of Idea As most of you may know, I am a pretty risk-averse person. I am wired that way. Part of that [...]

January 27, 2010 Training

Main Idea Did you ever watch Star Trek? Do you believe in the Vulcan mind meld? Do you use that in your organization? Expansion of Idea I don’t know if you have every watched the old Star Trek series. If you look at them now, they are very low tech and very corny. (I know [...]

January 20, 2010 Risk Management

Main Idea If you woke up this morning, looked at your to do list and the only thing that you had to get done today was to evaluate your risk management, would you go back to sleep? Expansion of Idea The only things less appealing to most of us than risk management are probably doing [...]

January 13, 2010 Small Stuff

Main Idea Are you a detail person or a big picture visionary? When you go on vacation, do you have the complete itinerary figured out in advance or do you wing it? What takes longer to fix, big problems or little leaks? Does your company operate under the motto “Close enough for government work”? Expansion [...]

January 6, 2010

Main Idea How do you handle customers that are upset or are returning product? Is this a chore or an opportunity to give great service? How does your team approach these areas? Expansion of Idea Possibly the only thing worse than the Christmas season for retailers is the two weeks right after when they have [...]

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