Weekly Business Idea

May 25, 2012 – Looking Back

Main Idea: Do you have big plans this weekend?  Do they involve remembering and honoring American soldiers who have died in service of our country? Expansion of the Idea: As most of us head into Memorial Day, I think a lot of us tend to forget the true purpose of the weekend.  I am ashamed [...]

May 18, 2012 – The Dangers of Success

Main Idea: When are you most likely to experience significant failure?  When are you most likely to avoid taking risks? Expansion of the Idea: I have found it fascinating to read about JP Morgan’s $2,000,000,000.00 loss in the paper.  This has been an ongoing story about one of the best run banks in the country.  [...]

May 11, 2012 – The Focus on Needs

Main Idea: What do you do when a customer or fellow worker responds that they are fine?  Do you look to see if they really are fine?  Do you do a good job of taking a customer’s order?  Do you look for ways to better serve the customer?  Do you focus on the customer’s wants [...]

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