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March 24, 2017 – What Are Your Blindspots?

Main Idea: How many surprises do you get every day?  Are any of them big ones?  Do you ever feel as if you were lied to or betrayed?  Do you know what you don’t know?  Have you ever had a day when you went to work thinking everything was good and you were hit with [...]

March 17, 2017 – Are You Wearing Green Today?

Main Idea: Are you wearing green today?  Do you remember getting pinched in grade school if you didn’t wear green?  Are you planning on watching the NCAA basketball tournament over the weekend?  Do you do the same things every year for Mardi Gras or Easter?  Do you go to the same place for vacation every [...]

March 10, 2017 – Does Your Business Have Momentum?

Main Idea: Is momentum something that just happens?  Do you know how to create and maintain it?  What happens when you lose it? Expansion of the Idea: Last week I wrote about your business being properly powered.  One part of that was on the subject of momentum.  I thought it made sense to expand on [...]

March 3, 2017 – Is Your Business Properly Powered?

Main Idea: What keeps you going when you hit rough patches?  Do you know what energizes you?  Are you intentional about getting around people that energize you? Expansion of the Idea: My wife and I had an opportunity this week to go to Huntington Beach to attend a Leaders Gathering in connection with the Global [...]

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