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December 10, 2015 – Are You Going Crazy?

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Main Idea:

How busy are you right now?  Are you running around driving everyone else crazy?  Who is running around driving you crazy?

Expansion of the Idea:

The Christmas season is a great time of year.  And this year we are having great weather.  There is excitement in the air.  Things are happening.  It should actually be the best time of the year.  People are focused on others.  There is a lot of goodwill that is created between people.

However a lot of us are way too busy.  We get caught up in everything that we think we need to do.  Most of us start the day and autopilot takes over and we just do things and react to other things.  It is non-stop from now until after Christmas.  We almost get addicted to the hustle and bustle of the season.  And as a result we frequently overlook a lot of opportunities.  Those opportunities may be a chance to talk to a customer or employee who lost their spouse this year.  We may not notice a normally outgoing person who has been an introvert lately.  We may know something is wrong but we are so busy that we tell ourselves that we will ask them about it the next time we see them.  Of course, we never do follow up.  Or, we are so busy we don’t make that extra call to a customer to make sure they are happy with their new purchase.

The point is that we are so focused on our to-do list that we ignore others.  When we don’t pay attention, we lose two things.  The first is an opportunity to help someone.  The second thing is that we may have lost the opportunity to get to know someone else in a deeper way or to build a deeper relationship.  Great relationships lead to a better culture in our firms which is the foundation of great businesses.

So what should we do?

I heard someone say recently that the most important thing we can control is our attention. This time of year creates some unique challenges.  However if we can stay focused at work then our businesses improve.  If we can stay focused at home our relationships improve.  And normally when we stay focused, we get things done and we don’t get so overwhelmed with all of the things that we could be doing.

Items to consider:

  1. Do you have clear boundaries and keep work at work?
  2. Do you control your time or does your time control you?
  3. Do you intentionally build a little buffer in your schedule to give yourself time to get caught up?
  4. Are you saying no to some requests?  Should you?
  5. Are you present in all of your conversations?  Or, are you thinking about the next thing you need to do?


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