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April 20, 2018 – Are You Proactive?

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Main Idea:

How quickly does the pace of life hit you?  Do you have enough time to get everything done that you are supposed to do?  Do you enjoy the daily list of surprises that show up at your office or email?

Expansion of the Idea:

Small business owners frequently complain about the demands on their time.  They are getting pulled in a dozen different directions.  And just when they think they got things under control, an emergency hits and they have to react.  Then a system breaks down and they need to fix it.  And a vendor doesn’t ship on time.  It seems that once something goes wrong, more problems start to surface.  Pretty soon you have become a victim and there is nothing you can do to take control.  The funny thing is that most business owners will tell you that there was nothing that they could have done about it.

Yet, there are some businesses that get hit with all of the same problems but they are ready for them.  They still may have some financial damages but it doesn’t cripple their operations.  Why?  Because they have proactively planned.  The leaders of those businesses embrace the term “Proactivity”.  They react before they need to.  They spend time in Quadrant II as defined by Stephen Covey.  This is where they do the important but not urgent stuff.

Proactivity manifests itself in different ways.  It might include:

  • Firing a client before the client becomes a problem.
  • Discontinuing a product line that is eventually going to have a major supply chain problem
  • Upgrading a computer system for the second time in three years because of changes in your industry
  • Spending a full day or two offsite with your key managers analyzing your business.
  • Having a difficult conversation with a key employee who isn’t working well with the team.
  • Meeting with key customers even when nothing is wrong
  • Taking a valued employee out to lunch just to celebrate their contributions.
  • Writing a handwritten note to a referral source.
  • Developing contingency plans in case your sales plan doesn’t work out.
  • Developing contingent operational plans in case your sales plan is working too well and your systems are stretched too thin.
  • Meeting with your insurance agent and analyzing the risks in your business.
  • Analyzing profitability of your customers or product lines

There are a million more ways to be proactive in our businesses.  And no one does everything possible.  However, if you can start thinking proactively, your actions will follow.  When you start acting proactively, you take control of situations quicker.  That speeds up your services and solutions to problems.   And that can make all the difference.

Here are some possible next steps:

  1. Pick a topic from the list above.
  2. Or, make a list of issues that you have had recently.
  3. Brainstorm with your team on ways to be more proactive.
  4. Put a plan in place.


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