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August 10, 2018 – What Are the Blips On the Radar?

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Main Idea:

What can make or break your business?  Do you have some existing problems that need to be addressed?  Do your policies fit your culture of accountability?  Are you overlooking how your key employee is behaving?  Does everyone operate with the same principles?

Expansion of the Idea:

Most people, who know me well, know that I have two days a year that are committed every year.  These two days are nonnegotiable.  These are the two days of the Global Leadership Summit.  The Summit has been transformational with my life.  This includes every aspect of my life from my personal self-leadership to how well I function as a husband, father, grandfather, business person and community volunteer.  I have been going to the Summit since 2002 and I have been actively involved in promoting it in the St Louis area since 2013.

Promoting something like the Summit is great until it isn’t.  In March this year, there were some newspaper articles that indicated that the founder of the Summit did some inappropriate things.  Since then more has come out and it sure looks like the founder abused his power and committed sexual sin.  It is not my place to judge anyone.  I will tell you that my world was rocked because this is someone I respected.  However, the facts that were reported indicate that, whether he crossed any lines or not, there were circumstances that should have been red flags to some around him, including his board of directors.

I obviously don’t know what happened or didn’t happen.  However, I do know that most of us are reluctant to have a difficult discussion with a key employee, especially when we are facing a violation of core values and one that could impact the long-term viability of the organization.  We tend to believe those people that we know the best.  This is human nature.  We also don’t want to have these difficult conversations, especially when we are betting our businesses on these conversations.

The problem is that when we don’t have these conversations, we are still betting our organizations but we have ceded control of the outcome to others.  The reason is that we no longer control the flow.  By having the conversations, we can control how they go and the outcomes.

I attended the first day of the Global Leadership Summit today.  The leaders at the Summit addressed the issues today.  They did a great job with that.  And they had to bet that what they did was appropriate.  If they didn’t do enough then they would have been tried in the court of public opinion and they would be finished.  They needed to hit the topic head on and then move on.  They did a great job.  It was a bet the farm discussion.  Yet, going into this morning, I wasn’t sure if it would be enough.

The same is true for our businesses.  We have these problems all the time.  (Hopefully not the exact problem.)  However, we are reluctant to completely address issues and we end up paying for it.  The key point is that we need to hit issues early and often.  When we do that, they don’t grow to be bigger issues.  Every time we hit an issue when it first shows up as a blip on the radar, we eliminate a much bigger issue that was going to show up as a tank in our backyard.

Questions to Ponder

  1. Is everyone in your organization operating according to your values?
  2. Are there any discussions that you need to have?
  3. Are there any action items that you are afraid to have?
  4. Discuss the above with your team.


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