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November 2, 2018 – Do You Believe Anything You Hear?

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Main Idea:

How many marketing messages do you get in a normal day?  What do you think when you get an offer from someone you have never heard of?  Do you toss it immediately?  Have you ever received an offer for something that you needed and then were completely disappointed when you tried the product or service?

Expansion of the Idea:

Every day all of us are bombarded with tons of information and data.  Right now, it is especially bad.  The elections are in a week and it seems that every commercial is a political one.  Millions of dollars are being spent and almost no one believes anything that is being said on either side.

Most of us don’t trust political advertising because it doesn’t match reality.  I think it is frequently the same problem for businesses.  Their online marketing or flyers imply one level of service but the reality is something completely different.  This creates a disconnect between the businesses and their customers.  As a result, they spend all of their time and money getting customers to try their product but they never lock in the customers.  This leads to the obvious question.

Does our marketing message line up with what we are actually delivering to our customers?  And if it doesn’t line up, what do we need to do about it?

Our marketing messages are critical for our businesses.  They need to be creative in their presentation but not creative with the facts.  However, our actions and service delivery are more critical to being successful.  Actions and systems tell people a lot more than anything words can convey.  We want to create customers for life.  If someone tells me what they are going to do, and then does it, trust is created.  In future transactions, I will believe them.  The next interaction may be a bigger purchase.  My family has had great experiences with a certain brand of automobile.  They have been extremely reliable.  We probably won’t even look at another brand until we have a problem.  When people return your calls promptly you make a mental note.  You expect them to continue to do so.  It shows you that they care.  All of the service and product delivery issues need to be thought through so that the customer receives exactly what we promised (and maybe a little more).

Occasionally we end up with a mismatch where we are providing a real high level of product or service but we aren’t adequately describing it in our marketing materials.  This hurts us because we would acquire more business if potential customers knew exactly what we do.  Either way, it makes sense to compare our product and service delivery with what we are telling customers.

Next Steps

  1. Evaluate what you are promising your potential customers.
  2. Ask your customers about your marketing collateral and whether you are fully delivering value.
  3. Brainstorm with your team to look at your systems through your customers eyes.
  4. Follow up on any ideas.


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