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November 16, 2018 – Do You Worry?

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Main Idea:

Is your business cruising along without any problems?  Are you having trouble hiring people?  Are you struggling with your marketing efforts?  Are your customers taking longer to buy your products or services?  Are they slower paying you?  Are the international markets impacting your supply chain?

Expansion of the Idea:

Currently, the economy is doing well.  Unemployment is almost nonexistent.  Interest rates are still historically low.  And yet, business owners lose a lot of sleep worrying about different factors.  I have had a number of discussions with business owners over the past year where they were worried about different things.  For some, business is going well and they are worried it won’t last.  Others need to find new employees.  Some are worried about their market because of the changes in online purchasing.  And almost all business owners worry about taxes and cash flow.

The problem with worrying is that it is a very negative emotion.  When you worry about a problem, you are actively preventing yourself from solving the problem.  You lose creativity and objectiveness.  Your mind dwells on the problem and cannot break lose to try and solve it.  And frequently, you are worrying about something that isn’t really a problem.  You think it might be a problem sometime in the future.

If you are stuck worrying about something, how do you break loose from that mindset?

There are probably a number of ways to stop worrying.  However, one way that has helped me is to focus on being thankful.  When we are thankful, we are in a completely different mindset.  We see abundance in the world as opposed to scarcity.  We are appreciative for what we do have, and we don’t worry about what we don’t have.  We can think of possibilities and potential.  We can brainstorm.  We can look to the future as opposed to worrying about what we might lose.  Thankfulness allows us to be positive and proactive.  Even though we may have some problems in our businesses, we can still look at options.

Thankfulness has one other benefit.  It allows us to connect to others.   All of us would much rather be around someone who is thankful versus someone who is worried about everything.  When we are connected to others, the quality of our decisions is improved exponentially.  When we make better decisions, our businesses and our personal lives will be better.  And there will be more to be thankful for.  It is a positive cycle.

As we look to Thanksgiving next week, I would encourage you to write out a list of things you are thankful for.  I know I have been extremely blessed with family and friends.  I also have been extremely blessed by association with my clients and referral sources.  I am very thankful for all of you.

Have a great Thanksgiving.  Instead of moaning about cousin Eddie, be thankful.  It will make all the difference.


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