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January 5, 2011 – Leadership – Encouraging Your Team

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Main Idea
Have you ever worked for someone who did not care what you thought, how you learned, or frankly anything about you? Was that fun? Were you productive? If you were productive, was it strictly from a terror standpoint?

Expansion of Idea
Have you thought about your leadership style? Even if you are not the leader in your organization, it is still a good idea to think about your style. How do you treat people below you, around you and even above you? What are you trying to accomplish? These are serious questions. The answer to them will determine how far your business goes, and how far you go as a leader. I am reading a fascinating book about the takeover of Anheuser Busch by InBev. It is called “Dethroning the King”. As great as Anheuser Busch was, this book chronicles the lack of leadership and how it eventually gives out. The leadership of August Busch III was dictatorial and autocratic. He rarely encouraged August Busch IV and that created the reason why it made sense for Anheuser Busch to sell. They did not have effective leadership and there were no viable alternatives when InBev offered to buy the business. There was a quote in the book that said that August Busch III had two moods, “pissed off and suspicious”. If that is the attitude of the leader, then the organization has a limited life expectancy. AB probably outlived its life expectancy. People do not want to work in fear. Instead they want to work in an open collaborative environment. How you lead determines what that environment is. This is just as true for a customer service rep as it is for the president of the company. If we want to build businesses that will last, then all of us have to create the right culture by encouraging and coaching others to achieve our joint goals.

Questions to Ask Yourself
1. How do I treat the people who report to me?
2. How do I treat the people who are at the same level as me?
3. How do I treat my boss?
4. How can I be a more encouraging person?


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