FitzGerald & FitzGerald, P.C. is a CPA firm dedicated to helping business owners make better decisions. We firmly believe that the quality of the business owner’s life is directly connected to his or her decisions. When business people make better decisions, they run better businesses. That helps them and the community. We can help them with their decisions by doing the following:

  1. We can help them have accurate financial statements and accounting information systems.
  2. We can help them with accurate income tax returns so that there are no surprises.
  3. We can help them with better tax planning.
  4. We can help them with designing information systems so that they can properly monitor their operations.
  5. We can help them develop the goals and dreams and then the plans to achieve them.
  6. We can help by providing a sounding board for decisions because we understand the client’s goals and dreams.
"I now have an organization that empowers talented personnel to have meaningful input in our business operations. We also have the appropriate monthly reporting data which allows us to make changes immediately if our business climate alters even slightly….. I have hired Tim as both a consultant and as a third party CFO. He attends all monthly management and board meetings. On a personal level, Tim is someone who I consider a very close friend, mentor, consultant and a person who is vital to forming my ideas on various work and non-work related issues."

– Rodney Arnold, Translectric

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