Proactivity is our third core value. We value looking for solutions in advance of when clients perceive the need. We value planning as opposed to reacting. In our firm this looks like:

  • We do tax planning in the fall so that you do not have surprises when filing tax returns
  • We spend extra time with new clients to insure that their information systems are working to provide all of the accounting and tax information that is required.
  • When we see a new regulation or piece of information that impacts a client we forward that information to our clients so that they can begin planning for how to use it.
  • This interacts with our education core value. We focus on learning new software, accounting and tax issues and other business ideas to improve our services and more importantly our customer’s businesses.
  • We perform a SWOT analysis periodically to help us identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We also do this analysis with our clients to help them run better businesses.
  • While we cannot dictate what the economy looks like, we can help our clients be prepared for upturns and downturns.
  • When we are proactive, we can take responsibility for our actions and our businesses. When we are responsible, then we can improve. Improvements can best be made if you are responsible, which is an outgrowth of being proactive. While improvements can be made in a reactive mode, you are giving up a lot of time and resources which can be the difference between success and failure.
  • We have a unique strategic planning service that helps clients develop a detailed action plan for the future.
"I thought the idea of strategic planning was intimidating, but it was helpful as we went through it. I highly recommend doing it because it reveals a lot of issues that I did not know existed."

– Paul Dau, Dau Home Furniture

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