Service is our second core value. While most businesses are really service businesses, we know that we only have clients to the extent that we provide outstanding service. This service includes:

  • We provide innovative and customized products and services that are designed to meet our clients' specific needs. With our new personally deveolped Life Success System we are able to meet more needs than ever before.
  • We meet with clients and define the services in advance. This provides a mechanism for evaluating client needs and setting up a service plan to meet them.
  • Whenever in the office, we will take all calls. We do not screen callers.
  • We will return phone calls promptly, usually in less than 4 hours.
  • We attempt to make sure that the client has no surprises in their tax returns or in our fees.
  • When clients do owe money, we try to help them understand why and to make sure we are prepared for the following year.
"We very much value your strategic planning retreats. They have been very beneficial in motivating the management and sales teams and sharpening our overall focus, as well as generated a diversity of ideas and guidance. They tend to reveal problem areas that can be stumbling blocks and allow time to focus and create the framework for an overall plan for growth. Your retreats have provided a wealth of tools, training, and resources."

- Ruth Niswonger, Translectric

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